Borostyán Restaurant

The Borostyán Restaurant - a cosy terrace in the summer - offers a breakfast buffet with hot and cold dishes.

Noon soup lunch complete with one course, vegetable and savory pasta dishes.

Depending on the number of guests staying at the hotel, dinner may consist of either a dinner buffet or a 4-course meal (appetiser, soup, salad, dessert buffet, and a choice between three main courses from the menu)."

Vegetarian and easily digestible dishes

We are unable to cater to personalized diets, yet in order to provide for special dietary needs, our buffet tables always offer a selection of meat-free, vegetarian dishes which feature a green label as well as low-calorie, easily digestible dishes featuring a pink label. Naturally, we leave the amount of food up to our guests, which allows them to determine their daily calorie intake.

Café - Bar

The Café - Bar is open from 7:00 - 23:00 offering coffee specialties, cocktails, draft beer and light snacks.
Piano music evenings are held for the entertainment of our guests several times a week in either the restaurant or in the café.